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 Rozali Biography

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PostSubject: Rozali Biography   Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:03 am

Name~ Rozali Dilecta
Gender~ Damsel
Age~ 3 WInter's Length.
Lover/Mate/Crush~ In search but not devoted to anyone at the moment, for her journey has only begun. Example~ A needle in a hay stack would be the perfect description of the journey this vixen has to take.
OffSpring-Pups~ Uhh.. I dont believe so ~chuckles~
Relatives~ Deceased, all butchered from a pack individual whom betrayed them.
Species~ Cream Artic Wolf

***Rozali is an ebony pigmented lupus. Brown mane crosses the lines with her spine. Beneath her eyes she is also stained white from a journey that she no longer wanted to be apart of. Having this tough path she created an extreme rigid exterior, but if you look beneath he the twisted light tainted effeminate, there is more than what meets the eye. Azure optics, clear as an oceans calm. Although she is soft spoken, she is a very observant dame, just be aware that if she has to put you in place she shall, DO Not ANGER HER ;D <3 A Fighter to the very end. Sarcasm run's within her veins, it may seem that she is not caring at times, but that is when it's more prominent. ***

Accessories~Rose on her left auditory of her once beloved bird, Zane, whom had befriended her in her time of need. Zane one day didn't return to their usual spot to talk, Lifting her muzzle in the air she searched and search but couldn't find him. Sadly all she found was a crimson stained feather from his disappearing frame which she buried in the same spot, so whence she returns she will visit his grave.

History~ Being the alpha's daughter took a toll of this Femme Fetal. After being trained in the ways of high standards and responsibilities, she was one happy adolescent. Everything was going great until one of her own retaliated with jealousy and lead the enemies onto their territory with reinforcements. Without notice, without them being able to to even gather their own troops together. Being ordered to run and come back with any help she could, it was far too late. The enemies had over run them massacring every frame in their path with no remorse. Alliance's said their condolences with an offer to be brought into their pack home. Unfortunately it would have been too grand of depression for her. Politely she thanked them and went in her way. Her path had lead her to Kaala and her pack of Ignitum Corda. Instead of being a loner for the rest of her beloved life, she asked and was accepted. Now she resides within their care as a Warrior, willing to ward off any harmful enemies or perhaps even heartbreaks to all those beloved by her. Her dream would be to create a family one day but then again this hessian would be one difficult canid to deal with.

Quote~ "Just because you are a warrior, doesn't mean you can't be enticing" <3

Characteristics~ Soft spoken yet out spoken when need be, Hold High Standards, Truculent, Expeditious, Amorous, Assured, Circumspect & Psychotic at times ~chuckles~ Like a Star @ heaven
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Rozali Biography
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