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 Kaskara's Biography.~

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PostSubject: Kaskara's Biography.~   Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:59 am

|X|Kaskara Xineara|X|
|X|Hourglass at 4|X|
|X|Loyal to Ashav Lupinent|X|
|X|Mother to None|X|
|X|Sister to Lithium, Rajah|X|
|X|Holds ranking off Beta|X|
|X|Offspring of Xavier and Xira|X|

|X|Persona; Cannibalistic, Sadistic, Solitary|X|

|X|Scars; Small ones tatter her estuary, An 'XX' behind her mane -Out of Sight-, One covers her right cheek, Some hidden under the fur by her hip.|X|

|X|"We only bleed, to know we are alive"|X|

|X|Bio; Crimson fluids ran down the walls of her family's den. Her father, Standing above limp and torn down bodies. Her mother, A weak and frail dame, Her sister; Rajah, Beaten down. Carefully being lined with the XX on her muzzle by her father. Watching the bloodshed as he would shout to her, "Its your fault. You made this happen."-- One can only take too much abuse, Till you leave it behind. Running away at her teenage stage, Kaskara would retreat to the Highlands in Scotland. Her only live now drained away from her. In the snow, rarely would she cross food. Until she found a mother of pups, Dying in the snow. Her children frozen to the ground. One can only be so kind as to 'Put the dame out her misery', And that, My dear friends; Was when she found a source of food to fight for. After coming across Ignitum Corda, she would hide her habits. Often dissapearing to fuel her habit upon lone wolves, and wandering adolescences.|X|

|X|This is Kaskara, The bloodshed her fuel, the screams her music. The pleas her hymn, the meat her sin.|X|

|K.X| My heart and soul died with the one whom held them.|K.X|
I promise to never forget you.
R.I.P, Ashav.<3
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Kaskara's Biography.~
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