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 Kuro - 'Release the Beast within'

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Kuro IwrC


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PostSubject: Kuro - 'Release the Beast within'   Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:49 am

Basic Info
Name: Kuro Reaperzio (Blame Grim Razz)
Age: 3.6 Years
Mother: Shiryoku (Deceased)
Father: Unarigoe (Deceased)
Sibling: Shiro (Sister) (Apparently deceased)
Crush: Grim Reaperzio <3
Mate: Grim Reaperzio <3
Mother to: Shiro (ub) and Kurosaki (ub)
Scent: Fire/Smoke
Sayings: "Without experience, we do not truely exist, so live everyday as your last!!"
"The flow of time is always cruel... its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it... A thing that does not change with time is a memory of younger days..."
"It is something that grows over time... a true friendship. A feeling in the heart that becomes even stronger over time. The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you will know which way to go..."
Theme: 'Flesh' - Simon Curtis (Nightcore Version)
Other Themes: 'Getting away with murder' - Papa Roach
'You're going down' - Sick Puppies
'Hymn For The Missing' - RED (For her sister)

Good characteristics: Kind hearted, Loyal, Does what she can to protect those who she holds dear.
Bad characteristics: Short tempered, proud, over-protective

Lost her right ear during a sparring match a while ago, scars over her muzzle after a sparring match with Rodent.

Dark grey/Black pelt,
Light grey markings - Stripe down centre of her muzzle, toe-less socks, ring in the centre of her tail,
Light grey mane - covers right eye and down her back,
Black tail tip,
Crimson eyes
Ripped right ear. (only left remains)

Short Bio
After her parents died, Kuro was left in charge of finding her younger sister, Shiro, to return to become the new Alphess of their pack, seen as though she was deemed 'fit' enough to be made Alphess because Kuro made many mistakes growing up, including miss-hearing her father, which almost lead to the death of her sister. Kuro wasn't scared of many things when she was younger, however, there was always something she was afraid of, failing her parents, even in death. Having failed her father once, and punished for it, Kuro didn't want a repeat of it. Even though he's dead, Kuro knows that something would have happened to her if she'd fail, so she was determined to find Shiro, no matter the cost.
While looking for her, Kuro came across the pack Ignitum-Corda and became a warrior, ready to sacrifice herself for the good of the pack. She hates to be cooped up and enjoys to run where she wants, without any constraints. Kuro is a powerful wolf who often relys on her physical strength to overpower her foes, along with her 'talons' which are ready to rip through her enemies flesh. Many of her victims have been found with the letter 'K' etched into their corpse as a warning to those who are tempted to mess with her or those she loves and holds dear.
She has never loved before until she met Grim, one of the only members of the pack to take any notice of her. After a few months, they got to know each other and spent a lot of time together. Grim soon asked her to be his mate, and of course, she agreed and is now pregnant with his pups.
Having heard that her sister was attacked by others, Kuro immediately assumed Shiro was killed when the truth is she's alive and well with her mate after he saved her life. Kuro doesn't really care about finding her sister anymore and is ready to take punishment when and where it may occur. She now spends more time with the pack and isn't worried about failing her parents or their pack, after all, they'd be sure to find someone else to lead the pack and now. Ignitum-Corda is her new home and family and no-one is going to take them from her.

Friendly Relationships
Grim, Kaala...

Aggresive Relationships
Keiko, Zaii, Rodent (D)...

Neutral Relationships
Everyone else in the pack. Kuro often keeps herself to herself therefore does not know many in her pack. She'll talk from time to time, but leaves them alone otherwise.

"The aim of war is not to die for your pack, but to make the other ba__a__ die for his!!" ~ Kuro

//Rank: Warrior//
/Spars won - 2. Spars lost - 0//
//Times helped - 1//
//Times healed - 0//
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Kuro - 'Release the Beast within'
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