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 .:{Avalon; the daring doom}:.

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PostSubject: .:{Avalon; the daring doom}:.   Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:25 pm



Name: Avalon
Nicknames: Ava, Av
Mate: None
Crush/: Possibly? (He was the first one I talked to in the RP)
Offspring: None
Pack: Ignitum Corda
Friends: Fernando (My Italian buddy =) Grim.


Pelt Texture: Soft, silky
Pelt: Obsidian
Markings: Dark Grey
Mane Texture: Rough
Mane: Light Grey
Optics: Ocean Blue


Siblings: None
Father: None (Abadoned)
Mother: None (Abandoned)
Past Pack: None
Age 3 summers


Avalon is like a small devil brought from hell, she can be a hot-tempered lady at times, but she can also be a kind one to others. Which is rare. She doesnt like flirty females, and their fancy tails that swurve around males chins. She'll end up calling you something you regretted of doing.
She often ends up doing something like snapping sticks, or sleeping. Standing guard, or acting like a bragger.
If shes nice to you, that's a good sign. But if you want to talk to her, you better have something good, or interesting.


I Crush Red I High Respected Yellow I Respected Dark Red I Best Friend Green I Unsure Blue I Dislike Orange I

Fer nando You seem like a very nice male, and I admire you. Your very funny to me, anyway. I hope we end up being the best of friends.

Grim We havent really talked alot, since everyone wants to chat with you. But you are very amuseing in some way..
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.:{Avalon; the daring doom}:.
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