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 Pack Rules and Punishments

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Kaala IC

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PostSubject: Pack Rules and Punishments   Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:43 am


}IC{ Respect your Alphas, Betas, Gammas, and Deltas. They are your high ranks and your leaders, talk back is not accepted.
}IC{ Duels and Sparrings are allowed for some. {Read Ranks} but if you do spar, then please do not kill any of your pack members…
}IC{ Be respectful of fellow role players.
}IC{ Swearing is allowed, but try not to abuse the privilege.
}IC{ NO godmodding or auto hits.
}IC{ Always where the tag given to you. Why? Because then others know if they can trust you or not, also it gives off a stronger image.
}IC{ If you want pups, please tell the alphas so they can see to it that the medics prepare.
}IC{ Do not leave territory without letting a higher rank know where you are going, no matter what rank you are.
}IC{ Please do not spam the chats, it can get quite annoying.
}IC{ If we are recruiting, then come help us. It may be a boring task but the more wolves, the more people will wish to join.
}IC{ Be ACTIVE or lose your ranking.
}IC{ No more than two characters in the pack per account.
}IC{ Do not kill or attack any character on your IC char without asking permission or letting the high ranks know. This will help keep the pack safer.
}IC{ If you wish to kill off your character, please let a high rank know or write in under 'Deaths'.


Punishments consist of de-rankings, mauling and death.
If you break a rule you get a warning, and another one after that. If you continue to break rules you are punished with physical harm. After that you are either banished or treated as we would an enemy, or you are killed. Depending on what the alpha sees fit.


I understand that in long term, literate packs most have firings or maulings to test your strengths. However, in Ignitum Corda, there shall be no maulings for they just waste time and precious blood as wolves will survive and pass them anyway. Instead, the recruit shall be branded with our tag {see ceremony}. Pups shall be trained as they near the teen age for their suited rank, once adult, they shall graduate {see ceremony} and then become a neutral ranking in their suited rank.
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Pack Rules and Punishments
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