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 .:|~| Tales of the Late Chain |~|:.

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PostSubject: .:|~| Tales of the Late Chain |~|:.   Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:03 am

.:. || Chain || .:.

.:. || Basic Knowledge || .:.

Status: Deceased

Full Name: Chain DeSilvas
Former Name: Aranna Von Gorealis
Gender: Fae
Age: 2.8 years
Rank: Lapis Satio (Guard)
Pack: '~.:Ignitum Corda:.~'

.:. || Family Background || .:.
Daughter of Guinereve Rivera and Kalmiir Von Goreson {Both Deceased}
Sister to Splinter DeBassert, Hylas DeCorpes and Yume Von Hanakisou.
Presumed runt of the litter.

.:. || Love Life || .:.
Heart and Soul devoted to ~
Mother of ~
Taken interest in ~

.:. || Other bits of Information || .:.
Appearance: Night-sky pigmented,sleek fur. Silver tinted claws. Lush Emerald Orbs. Faint, storm-grey stripes at the lower part of her paws,both hind and front, and the middle section of her banner/tail and eye stripes on her face.

Injuries: A small scar, caused by a rabbit scratch when Chain was a teen. Hidden under her bangs/fringe.

Scent: Spices and Honey
Voice: Deep and gruff,tinged with a slight Spanish accent and yet,it is obviously feminine

Personality: Fiercely loyal to her current pack, this fae would protect it even at the cost of her own life. Though,she may,at first, seem cold,unfriendly and distant, rest assured,she can be a good friend for she is trustworthy ,valiant,careful and polite. Just as long as you don't get on her bad side,or of course....

Best Friend(s): Tidal Desparadoz {Missing/Presumed Dead}

.:. || Advanced Knowledge || .:.
Backstory/History: Chain,at the time was known as Aranna Von Gorealis. Daughter of the high-ranking officals,Guinereve Rivera and Kalmiir Von Goreson in her former pack, -The Silent Forest-,which has now,been disbanded. Along with her littermates, Hylas DeCorpes, Splinter DeBassert and Channai.
 Being the smallest and weakest of the litter, Aranna was marked as a runt,which to Guinereve,was a disgrace to the family's good name.Her hatred for the young Aranna was evident in the way she forbids her to sleep with her littermates when they curl up to suckle milk or get warm. This rocky relationship turned sour,but thank Lupus that Kalmiir had some kindness in him to feed her some meat,meaning to say, Aranna/Chain learnt to eat meat at a very young age.
 A traitor in the pack led a rival army enter the territory and war started. Aranna,at the time,was 7 moons(months) old.All was blood,and howls of pain,agony, anger and wicked laughter. Guinereve died fighting while Kalmiir escaped,along with the pups. For a moon, they lived in a make-shift camp, in which one faithful day, Aranna brought back a dead rabbit she found,but unknown to her,it was a fox's catch. The predictable outcome happened,in which the fox was led over to their camp and attacked Kalmiir,who bought enough time for his younglings to run. In this epic run, Aranna was seperated for her siblings for,she ran back to help her father,to repay his kindness. However,she found his dead corpse on the ground,blood spewing from the fatal wound on his throat.
Fleeing with guilt and remorse, this young one encountered the loner, Tidal Desparadoz,who at first,she was wary and suspicious of but soon grew to warm up to him and later,even became her most trusted friend. Though he was only a moon older than her,both of them agreed to cover each other's backs and survived through all the seasons and moons,practically the whole of Aranna's adolescence and a quarter of her puphood. During this time,Aranna's name was changed to Chain DeSilvas.
 Her journey continues,with her coming across wolves from '~.:Ignitum Corda:.~' and joining them thereafter.Following that is the disappearance of Tidal,causing Chain, to be colder than her normal cold self.

.:. || Theme Song || .:.
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.:|~| Tales of the Late Chain |~|:.
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