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 ~Coraline Sakura Kurenai~ Bio

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PostSubject: ~Coraline Sakura Kurenai~ Bio   Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:54 am

Pink. A color she hates yet wears. Its a stereotype. They expect her to be kind, or happy. She isn't. She isn't the sunshine everyone expects her to be. Shes just Coraline.

She is generally kind. Saying words in respect when they are needed. Delivering the words you wish to hear when needed. She commits selfless actions when she believes it is useful, and barely does anything selfish. She's still a wolf. She has anger and agony. She isn't perfect, though others accuse her of being so.

She originates from the pack named Akatsuki Ookami. A rumored pack for being perfect. She wears her surname Kurenai with pride. A family known to be highly leveled, perfect, and special. She left them for that reason. She doesn't wish to be perfect, but imperfect.

She is all-around. Meaning she doesn't have one specific rank she is good at, but many. She lacks the most in strength, not being very good at fighting like her many brothers were. She excels in speed and in mind. Her sense of smell is not too shabby either.

Siblings: Castiel(older), Adrian(older), Sasuke(younger), Akito(younger)
Theme: Brain Stew- Green Day

Pink maned with coral colored, pupiless, optics. Ebony pelt with gray markings and underbelly. Named after her coral optics.
(Profile pic= What she would look like if human)
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~Coraline Sakura Kurenai~ Bio
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