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 Regarding all Hunters

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Anchoriesa Bescariom

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PostSubject: Regarding all Hunters   Mon May 11, 2015 6:39 am

A few rules on the amount of prey you can get per wolf (per hunting trip)

  • One wolf can catch up to three rabbits/rats/injured birds (birds unable to fly away).

  • A minimum of three wolves can kill an injured elk/deer.

  • A minimum of five wolves can hunt/separate a herd of elk/deer.

  • Similar to the above, a minimum of five wolves can kill a healthy elk/deer

  • One wolf alone cannot kill any elk/deer, UNLESS the elk/deer is already alone and dying. (Not injured, it has to be on death's door).

All hunters must still comply to the basic rules found in their ranks description, these are simply to provide more realism and a better understanding of the hunt.

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Regarding all Hunters
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