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 History of Alphas.

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PostSubject: History of Alphas.   Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:45 am

Here is the list of Alphas who have ruled over Ignitum Corda. Some deceased, some stepped down from their position.

Kaala Lupinent > [Necrophobic.] Ruled from November 3rd 2012 to October 16th 2014 (with a break in 2013 due to personal problems)

Ashav Lupinent > [wardy] Aided in joint rule with Kaala in 2012.

Assassin Sicarius > [hotkat] Aided in joint rule with Kaala from 2013 to October 16th 2014.

Draken Lupinent-Sicarius > [ravenblood1] Ruled for 6 months in 2013

Rostislav Taras > [wardy12] Ruled from October 16th 2014. [color=#00ffff]

Anchoreisa Bescariom > [Anthropogenic] Ruled from May 6th 2015. Is now current lead Alpha.

Thelxonia Gwyflia-Bescariom >[SpleneticButcher] Aided in joint rule with Anchoreisa from May 6th 2015. Is now current Alpha.

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History of Alphas.
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