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 .:Blind:. Rodent's Bio [DECEASED]

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PostSubject: .:Blind:. Rodent's Bio [DECEASED]   Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:53 am

Name: Rodent/Rodentia
Age:Young Adult, 21 wolf years, 3 human years.
Mate: None
Siblings: None
Ranking: Delta [Districte Nafustus]
Current Weight: 37 Kg's
Current Health Status: 100%
Scars: On her belly

Appearance:Smaller than the average Can is Lupus. She is blind in both her eyes, which are an iridescent blue. She has a tan brown pelt with darker brown markings and a dark red mane. Her fringe covers one of her optics. A lat stripe covers her visage, and crossed type stripes cover her body.. She has no scars as yet, her incisors are a pure white and abnormally sharp.

Story: Rodent was born an omen, previously causing a catastrophic end to her previous pack, the profanity roamed alone since a young age. Her Irish accent being adapted from the many nomads she had come across on her journey. The female was also in many a battle, granting her much fame, an enlightened name and the prowess of a killer. She is not only known as Rodentia, but also as the 'Vacousque Flos' (Sightless Flower). Bring a swift and silent end to majority of her enemies. Since entering Ignitum Corda, the jezebel has started slightly anew. She still retains that hard, introverted personality, yet she is much more loving and kinder. Her skill and Valor proves a great advantage to the pack. And she now reduces her kill count, as she believes killing is just a waste of a much needed soul.

Personality: A caring, loving young wolf. But because of her lifestyle of living on her own, she has become cold and hard. The female is strict and does not take lightly to pups, as they pull tricks on her, and take advantage of her disability. Is patient, and hard hearing.

Motto: 'An Eye for an eye will make the world blind.'

Scent: A deep Musk

Themesong: The Fighter - Gym Class Heroes Ft Ryan Tedder
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.:Blind:. Rodent's Bio [DECEASED]
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