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 Kasai's Statistics.

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Kasai Riina Malacroce


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PostSubject: Kasai's Statistics.   Sun Sep 28, 2014 1:05 am

Kasai Riina Malacroce

Basic Informations

Kasai Riina Malacroce' Lupinent Perboris
Survived 4 Winters
Genitalia of Masculine
Carries the soft scent of Cinder
Voiced by a Low yet Sharp tune
Leaves no such thing as a mark in his kills or preys

Preset is tinyurl.com/kaownxt


A rather tall masculine, dark grey pelt striped black in places such as his limbs and tail; rather large tear-like marking under both of his eyes. Both his oculars and mane are colored by two different shades of crimson.
Deep and wide light scar on his back, almost touching with both it's ends his shoulders.
LR Mark on his shoulder, indicating his current rank of Letalis Rosa.
Rather small IC mark taking place where his flesh would be meant to be in his right ear.

Pack Life

Previous Pack: The Amazons
Current Pack: Ignitum Corda

Previous Ranks: Pup, Infiltrator [The Amazons]
Previous Ranks: Low Tier Assasin, Neutral Tier Assasin [Ignitum Corda]
Current Rank: Lead Assasin


o Calculating
o Sharp
o Flirty
o Sneaky
o Classist
o Pompous
o Sassy
o Cunning
o Touchy
o Childish
o Smartass
o Sarcastic
o Protective


Father: Volpe Orazio Malacroce
Mother: Ermione Atena Candida
Sisters: Uncountable list of female kins
Cousins: Uncountable list of various kins
Cousins in Law: All of Kaala's still living kins, Novaer, Agradora
Uncle(s): Taddeo Malacroce, Loris Jarvis Candida, Fero Cerbus Candida
Aunt(s): Lorha Sinfonia'Malacroce, Syme Era Horus' Candida
Grandfather(s): Riina Tullio Malacroce, Moris Conscio Candida
Grandmother(s): Alessandra Julia Serva'Malacroce, Duna Adren'Candida
Blood Pup(s): Silas, Kasiae, Sylvasi, Sentrik, Aiuki


|Heart and Soul bound to|
|Side by side in every occasion with|
No one
|Grieves for|
No one's company
|Rather found of|
Terris, Demotas
|Either consideres inferiors or Neutral to|
Most members of the pack
|Slighty annoyed by|
|Dislikes deeply|
No wolf
|Loaths with all his heart|
No unfortunate soul
|Wishes an existence full of misery|
For no one yet

Love Life

Sexuality of Bisexual

Gaze held by Caliae Miiala Lupinent Perbosis
Heart flutters at the sight of Caliae Miiala Lupinent Perbosis
Heart bound to Caliae Miiala Lupinent Perbosis
Betrohed to Caliae Miiala Lupinent Perbosis


Softly murmurs the tune of Sweet Dreams by Marylin Manson or Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons under his breath while on a mission
Dances to Curse by Imagine Dragons with his beloved
Faintly hears Murderer by Alesana or Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace when blinded by rage
Relates to Castle Of Glass by Linkin Park when remembering his previous family
Hums I know I am a wolf by Young Heretics when in company of his kins
Shares Hear Me by Imagine Dragons with his first pack

Extra theme(s):
Mad World by Gary Jules
Pet by A Perfect Circle
The House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals

Out of Ten

Agility: 9/10
Stealth: 10/10
Balance: 9/10
Defence: 7/10
Attack: 8/10
Speed: 9/10
Tracking: 10/10
Climbing: 6/10
Hearing: 8/10
Smelling: 8/10
Eyesight: 9/10
Hunting: 5/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Medical: 4/10
Reflexes: 10/10
Pain Tolerance: 7/10
Social: 7/10
Swimming: 5/10

Brief History

No massacre, no terrible catastrophy followed Kasai in his first steps, the vigilant orbs of his mother and Alphess did.
In his natal pack, the young wolf was the second brute in a pack mainly composted of females, ruled by the ruthless Ermione. All of the kins among the pack were hers, and their life her property.
Kasai's mother had always wished to exspand her territory, but the two packs surrounding hers made it no easier for her plans of conquest, so the female decided to adopt one 'simple' strategy.
Her gaze would always follow cunningly on her female offsprings, and Kasai, feeding their brain with her own propraganda, pushing wolves from their first months in learning the skills necessary to protect themselves, and to kill. Or stealth, of course. Light and easily replaceable, younglings were perfect for destroying from the inside, in her twisted opinion.
They were tools.
It took a rather long while, but Kasai started to look around himself.
The now teenager escaped with one of his sisters, and together they wandered and wandered until Ignitum Corda offered it'self to them. Lucky with his already trained skills, Kasai made his way to the up and earned the rank of Letalis Rosa, having the occasion to meet his mate and mother of his kins on one particular mission.
Now he resides rather greatly in the same pack with his family, the only disturbance perhaps being his particular, and obnoxious for many, behavior.

Casual Quotes

"Crawl to live? Raise and die.''

''Even when the education is somehow at the same level, the conversation between a great mind and a common nous is like the journey that two men take together, one on the saddle of a mighty horse and the other one on his feet. A journey that will soon become heavily tedious and that will eventually evolve to impossible.''

''May the shoemaker not judge over anything but the shoes.''

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Kasai's Statistics.
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