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 .:|Along The Fire-Lit Path|:. |Kerosene's Story|

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PostSubject: .:|Along The Fire-Lit Path|:. |Kerosene's Story|   Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:53 am

This is the summarized story of my character, Kerosene. My username in game is TheMoosen.

I hope it's alright, it is summarized. Enjoy!

Kerosene's story begins not with himself, but with his origin. A pack of united Vampiric wolves roamed an island. This island was once beautiful, lush grass and birds singing- Until humans came. They ravaged everything with machines and fumes, leaving nothing but barren ground and a wasteland for all to see. But this did not phase these wolves, in fact, it pleased them.

So on a dark, moonlit night, brimming with a thunderstorm, a female was planning to give birth to a litter of pups. These pups weren't ordinary- They were the alpha's litter, and they were special for this reason. As the pack settled, none would guess what happened next.

A bolt of lightning struck out of the sky, hitting a rather large tree in the middle of camp. The pack scattered, and the female attempted to dart away. However, she was soon enclosed by the burning timber, the flames rising quickly. In that moment, the female felt labor pains strike her body and she was forced to lay down. As the smoke surrounded the mother, she slowly began to give birth, at the same time, attempting to not breathe in the smoke.

The pups were soon born, and the flames rose high. There were three- A female, and two males. The new mother tried to keep her pups alive, but upon further inspection, one was already dead. She rolled the stillborn female away, and had no choice but to wait for the flames to go down.

In the morning,  the female was recovered. The alpha awaited his pups, and seemed barely phased that one had been born stillborn. However, more misery would wash over the female as she noticed one of the males had died from inhaling the smoke. Only one writhing pup remained, and she cried over him, fiercely licking his head. The Alpha was desensitized to watching his pups get buried, but it was no secret that he was a cruel, harsh leader, and most definitely not a father.

The pup thrived, and was yet to be named. They decided to wait until the pup's eyes opened, and he could see. Well, the day finally came, where the whelp would see the world for the first time. But what would happen, would surprise everyone. When the pup opened his eyes, his right eye was nothing but flame. His left was a pale green.

Whispers  traveled about the pack, as they all gawked at the pup and his misfit eye. However, when they looked to the leader for advice, he simply laughed. "It's just a stupid fluke," He commented, and named the pup Kerosene as a joke, to mock the eye. The pack's shamans shook their head, and told of a prophecy. That the pup had stared into the soul of fire, and it he was born to cause nothing but trouble. The pack pleaded for the pup's execution, but it never came.

As Kerosene grew, he was teased and bullied. His father hated him, and taunting him constantly. His mother was shunned because she birthed Kerosene, and in turn, rejected her own child. He often heard whispers, and in truth, he loved it. He loved the fact that people feared him, it gave him confidence and allowed him to shine through his troubles.

As the whelp grew into a teen, it was time for his rite, that all members had to go through at some point. He could choose three areas to face-- The ocean, which involved swimming, the volcano, which involved climbing up jagged rocks and facing fire, or the forest, which involved facing your fears. Kerosene did not hesitate to choose the Volcano, in which his father scoffed.

So the next day, Kerosene set out on his rite. He endured hours of climbing up the steaming hot rock and earth, until he reached the top. The fire spewed out, almost as if it was welcoming him. Standing back, so it did not fully touch his body, Kerosene found solace in the heat and slow bubbling. Later, he came down, a grin on his face.

The pack was impressed, but his father was not. Regardless, Kerosene received his very first tattoo, and life went on as normal.

Everything was fine, and the balance was not thrown off it's track until the night came where Kerosene was pushed over his limit. Walking into the area where his father and mother slept, he noticed an argument brewing. His father was a very violent man, and it was not soon after that he struck out against his mother. Kerosene could take hits, if they were directed at himself, but his family, no. Despite how his mother had rejected him, he craved her approval, and would not let this go unnoticed.

The young adult leaped at his father, and the two tumbled into the camp clearing. His father was much larger than himself, and Kerosene was being thrown around like a doll. But the wolf would not give up, and continued to lash out. He struck his father in the eye, jerking it out of it's socket in a strewn paste. Enraged, Kerosene's patriarch gripped his son's nose and raked his claws down, leaving a nasty scar.

As the battle continued, Kerosene was thrown to the ground and yet again, his father left a horrid mark on his shoulder. Right as it seemed that Kerosene was going to bleed out and die, flames from the nearby campfire rose up and enveloped his father. The stench of burning flesh and fur struck them all, and they watched as the alpha burned to death.

The pack was already half brainwashed at the time, and they worshiped their Alpha at an unhealthy degree. So, they turned on Kerosene. His own mother lurched and lunged at his throat, and Kerosene had no choice but turn tail and run. He escaped the island, and soon set out on his own journey.

By the time he was three years of age, he had met a lovely little vixen, in which he fell for her -- hard. He became her mate quite quickly, and the two were planning their first litter together, until one day, she walked out of his life and never came back. Leaving Kerosene with a broken heart with no thoughts on how to mend it, he kept himself closed up for quite some time until the heartbreak was gone.

Now, being four years old, Kerosene has put most of his past behind him and carried on.
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.:|Along The Fire-Lit Path|:. |Kerosene's Story|
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