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 Caliae Lupinent'->

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PostSubject: Caliae Lupinent'->   Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:46 pm


|| Caliae Miiala Lupinent Perbosis'Malacroce ||


General Knowledge

Caliae Miiala Lupinent Perbosis'Malacroce

Complexion of a femmoria

Hourglass at 4 years

Hourglass runs out at 15 years

Scented of whiskey

Bears the responsibility of Fortis Cultro (gamma)

Accented by a British and Spanish tone

Signatures >CMLP< into property (Kills, territory, prey)

Collects tails (Currently has [7] tails)

Preset: mediafire.com download/oq8m7lrqw5q41bx/Necrophobic._9.fhp (c) Necrophobic

Items:  (c) Pawsome and Ringo&Delays

Themesong: Necrophobic – Slayer. https://youtu.be/l10nXUFlhsY

Skype: thenecrophobic

DA: TheNecrophobic

Accounts: Necrophobic. & Anthropogenic


Pack Life

Past Packs: Ignitum Corda, Inprobus Animas

Current Pack: Ignitum Corda

Past Ranks [Inprobus Animas]: IIA (Beta)

Past Ranks [Ignitum Corda]: ICp (Pup), IaC (Low Assassin) IcsC (Low Scout), IssC (Neutral Scout) ISCC (High Scout) ICI (Delta)

Current Rank: Fortis Cultro (Gamma)

Goal to be: Secunda Militaris (Beta)

IA scar(s): Tongue (for Beta) and right shoulder (for Beta)

IC scar(s): Throat (for Low Scout), ear (for Neutral Scout), ankle (for High Scout) side (for Delta, paw base (for Gamma).

Kills: 4

Spars: 8

Wins: 5

Draws: 2

Loses: 1

Hunts: 3

Current Student: ===

Past Students: Nawat Rok

Battles: ===

Battles Won: ===

Battles Lost: ===



Father: Markus Delora Perbosis

Mother: Lilea Lupinent Perbosis

Brother(s): Alexieo Perbosis, Klausio Litha Perbosis

Sister(s): Oexiela Selai Probosis, Deximus Saneli Perbosis Malidrey

Aunt(s): Kaala Sanguinium Sicarius Lupinent, Passeh Lupinent, Austere Lupinent, Consia Lupinent, Kaskara Xineara, Rajah Xineara, Lithium Xineara.

Uncle(s): Ashav Lupinent, Asssassin Piricu Sicarius

Niece(s): ===

Nephew(s): ===

Cousin(s): Enzi Kataoyivn, Armouranth Victus Houdini Kataoyivn, Carter Lupinent, Theodore Lupinent, Skyla Lupinent, Enitan Lupinent, Raylyn Lupinent, Hawk Lupinent, Alaak Sanguis, Axel Sanguis, Caspian Sanguis, Lusa Sanguis, Pyssla Sanguis, Toddavius Sanguis, Avash Sanguis, Izen Sanguis, Essej Sanguis, Avalaria Sanguis, Elijah Lupinent, Hessa Lupinent, Thistle Lupinent, Cobra Lupinent, Shava Amablis Pericu Sicarius Lupinent, Hades Sicarius, Vaash Sicarius, Adrian Sicarius, Draken Sicarius, Banzai Xineara Lupinent and Xersi Forbos Lupinent Mazilori.

Grandchildren: ===

Grandfather(s): Mattheius Polioes, Levi Lupinent

Grandmother(s): Bleu Polioes, Niruana Lupinent

Expecting?: Yes [] No [X]

Blood Pups: Sylavasi, Silas, Ayuki, Kasiae, Sentrick, Selylsi and Anchoriesa [26.09.14]

Adopted Pups: ===




(Extremely minor) Eyelashes flutter for Kasai Riina Malacroce

(Minor) Watches for Kasai Riina Malacroce

(Major) Heartbeats for Kasai Riina Malacroce

(Life) Betrothed to Kasai Riina Malacroce

Holds the thoughts of Kasai Riina Malacroce

Once upon a time.



Fitness: ?/10

Mental health: 2/10

Physical health: ?/10

Scars: Too many to count

Injuries: ---

Presumed dead.



Sings the tune of 'La La Lu - Lady and the Tramp' to her pups.
Hears 'Yellow Light - Of Monsters and Men' when dreaming.
Dances to 'Little Bird - Ed Sheeran' with her love.
Hums the theme of 'Dovahkiin - Skyrim (Metal Cover)' when doing her duty.
Joined by 'Murderer - Avatar' when taking revenge.
Slaughters to 'The Negative One - Slipknot' while in battle.

Caliae's Extra Themes:

Make Me Wanna Die > The Pretty Reckless / https://youtu.be/txBfhpm1jI0

Bodies > Drowning Pool / https://youtu.be/04F4xlWSFh0

King of Amarillo > Issues / https://youtu.be/5moBbD4sRQQ

Not The American Average > Asking Alexandria / https://youtu.be/l7Fi8-7HRhc

People = **** > Slipknot / https://youtu.be/e8EKR7x6gZs

The Depths > Of Mice and Men / https://youtu.be/i3LbVIif57I

Dollhouse > Melanie Martinez / https://youtu.be/HcVv9R1ZR84

Song Quotes:

Lunatic of a God or a God of a lunatic, oh, their faces are dancing. - From Now On We Are Enemies > Fall Out Boy

You could be the corpse and I could be the killer, if I could be the devil you could be the sinner, you could be the drugs and I could be the dealer, everything you say is like music to my ears. - Sarcasm > Get Scared

Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head, save your life by keeping whispers unsaid, children roam the streets, now orphans of war, bodies hanging in the streets to adore. - Hail To The King > Avenged Sevenfold.

For the lives that I take, I'm going to hell, for the love that I make, I'm going to hell. Getting heavy with the devil, you hear the wedding bells. - Going To Hell > The Pretty Reckless

Hey there little girl, come inside, I've got some sweet things, put your hair in curls, paint you up just like a drag queen. - Sweet Things > The Pretty Reckless

I'm living a lie, there's a creature inside of me, black as the night with a cold dead heart and a lust to sin. - Creature > Asking Alexandria

I have come so far, thought I was so strong, the truth is I've just fed myself a lie for too long, I never thought this would be me. - Vices > Memphis May Fire



Caliae Probosis was born in the pack Ignitum Corda which her aunt Kaala ruled. She grew up happy unlike so many others and was dearly loved by parents, aunts, uncles and other members of the pack, resulting in her quickly making friends with a male her age called Adrian, and her cousin Shava.

However, before Caliae had the chance to become fully accepted into the pack, her uncle Ashav died. Driven insane with the death of her brother, Kaala began to lash out at members of the pack until it was decided that she would leave.

While the pack got re-organised after their Alpha's depature, Caliae, Adrian and Shava wandered off and became seperated from their families. Unable to find the pack again, the young wolves spent their time together in the wild for a year before becoming lost in a storm.

After joining Inprobus Animas, Caliae became Beta along with her friend Adrian however soon afterwards, the pack was hunted down by their rivals while Caliae was on an assassination mission. When she returned, the camp was empty. Soon, a brute from Ignitum Corda came to her camp searching for her Alpha. After discovering what happened, the brute known as Kasai invited her back into Ignitum Corda.

Soon after Caliae became pregnant with Kasai's pups, he left - causing the damsel to become crazed, driven with revenge and anger. After she birthed her pups, Caliae ate five out of seven of them - removing all memories she could of Kasai. Two pups were taken before she had a chance to kill them, resulting in the dame leaving Ignitum Corda - presumed to either be wandering around to this day or can be assumed dead.



o Flirtatious

o Short tempered

o Aggressive

o Intelligent

o Egotistic

o Stubborn

o Sarcastic

o Cares about close ones

o Secretive

o Easily bored

o Bold

o Confident

o Observant

o Protective

o Twisted

o Daring

o Odd

o 'Fucked up'

"What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring."



Out of five

Agility: X X X X X

Attack: X X X X X

Balance: X X X X X

Climbing: X X X X X

Defence: X X X X X

Eyesight: X X X X X

Hearing: X X X X X

Smelling: X X X X X

Hunting: X X X X X

Immune System: X X X X X

Intelligence: X X X X X

Leadership: X X X X X

Medical: X X X X X

Pain Tolerance: X X X X X

Pups: X X X X X

Reflexes: X X X X X

Scouting: X X X X X

Social: X X X X X

Speech: X X X X X

Speed: X X X X X

Stamina: X X X X X

Stealth: X X X X X

Strength: X X X X X

Swimming: X X X X X

Tactics: X X X X X

Tracking: X X X X X


Strangulation, mutilation, cancer of the brain
Limb dissection, amputation, from a mind deranged

Asphyxiation, suffocation, gasping for air
Explain to me the feeling after sitting in the chair

Sliced incision, zero vision, loss of vital signs
Skin contortion, bone erosion, your life becomes your fine


[c] Necrophobic. & Anthropogenic - 25/03/14 - 03:47


Image made by Casscorda aka ~Tainted Soul~

Image lineart found on google ~ Coloured in by Anthropogenic
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Caliae Lupinent'->
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