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 ~::~Assassin's Story~::~

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PostSubject: ~::~Assassin's Story~::~   Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:49 pm

Basic Information:

                                                                     Assassin Pericu Sicarius
                                                                        4 winters of age
                                                              Belonging to '~.:Ignitum-Corda:.~'
                                                                          Rank of Alpha
                                                                     Odor of Pine Needles
                                                                 31% Demon 69% Black Wolf

                                                                   Family Information:
                                                                 Bound to Kaala Lupinent
                                                               Follower of Kaala Lupinent
                                                               Followed by Kaala Lupinent
                                                                Pups: Draken, Nia, Shava


                                         Black pelt with several scars across side and tail. Dark

                                      burgundy lines run from his orb like eyes, down to his nose.


                                                             Status: Pessimistic  
                                                                  Statistics: 98%
                                       Likes of water, cold, darkness, pups, trees and death. Kaala
                                       Dislikes of other wolves, cuddling, light, clingy people , heat.


                        The wolf known as Assassin was born in a time of pack wars. First opening
                   his eyes to a world of pain and red. His mother died when he was quite young, and
                     his father taught him to fight before he was even a year of age. He gained many of
                   his scars from that time period, but left many as well. The male had siblings, but they
         all died of disease, leaving him alone which just made him stronger. After the war was over, Assassin was about 3 winters old. Everyone he loved was rotting on the ground around him, so he ran away from the remains of pack, running anywhere. Kaala found him, and they fell in love as he joined her as alpha. (Bishes if you want to know more, you're just going to have to ask me online. Gahh.)
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~::~Assassin's Story~::~
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