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 Archille Moltenjaw.

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PostSubject: Archille Moltenjaw.   Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:28 am

Hide, Hide, they always Run.
Isn't this such Delightful fun?

Don't worry, my Dear.
I am all you have to Fear.

A R C H I L L E * M O L T E N J A W

Are-Cheel Molten-Jaw


Four Years.

Carries the Aroma of Roses and Metal.

Witty, Observant, Persuasive, Intelligent, Patient.


Scars that resemble X's trail down her left frontal limb. Top of her left ear is missing.

Bound to no Male.

Stands with the Status of Neutral Ambassador.
Held: IvC.


Vocalizations known to have a faint Spanish Accent.

Carries Knowledge in:

Parental Lineage:
Matriarch - Asvasi Kariox
Patriarch - Kovion Moltenjaw.

Survived along side Tascherahe since birth.

"Perhaps there's a reason I'm in all your Nightmares."

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Archille Moltenjaw.
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