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PostSubject: | P o l t e r g e i s t |   Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:39 am

D e f i n e  P o l t e r g e i s t.

ˈpɒltəgʌɪst; noun
A ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as making loud noises and throwing objects about-
More realistically known as an atrementous masculine specimen progenerated by a ghastly pair whom have both numerous years heretofore perished in a rather foul turn of events. Said beast is currently the loyal minion of Ignitum Corda, retaining proud possesion of the Honorus Tutela rank. A fiendish tyrant born the illegitimate son of a ruthless beast and an anonymous harlot.

D a t a.

Lifespan: Four successful years.

Fragrance: Acetone; Noun; a colourless volatile liquid ketone made by oxidizing isopropanol, used as an organic solvent and synthetic reagent.

Parlance: An unearthly low tone usually flavoured by by physical gestures so that expression may come in abundance depending on the level of mockery he wishes to display.

Demonic spawn: Not one has been progenerated nor has the subject been pondered on.

Betrothal: This place is yet to be filled by a worthy tease.

Relatives: The majority have encountered a death similar to that of the creature's progenitors.

Temperament: Twisted, sadistic, brazen, macabre, monstrous, vicious, violent, provocative, charming, bold, erratic, intense, witty, crafty, shady, intelligent, overwhelming, obscure, ominous, unstable, verbalist, enthusiastic, survivalist, troublesome, mischievous, hostile, ungovernable, severe.

Demeanor: Muscular, atrementous, alluring, immense, bulky, poised, disciplined, proper, intimidating, devilish, unearthly.

Melody: Twisted ~ Adrian Von Ziegler
                   Path to Darkness ~     "

Previous syndicate: Not stated.

They had never truly possessed a definite denomination. Initially they had rarely 'graced' the realm with any physical presences and had hidden themselves away, shrouded by their knowledge of what was to become of their very existence. After years of waiting for the opportune moment, when one couldn't cogitate a distraction with further perfection. Every affiliation whom had inhabited the region had abruptly turned on each other for reasons unknown to the particular monochrome beast and in that moment they had thundered from their obscurities forming a vicious swarm that swept over the dominion. Cruelly crushing every and any impediment and brutally claiming the land as their very own; cursing it with a presence so very menacing that the skies themselves had weeped. And so, such a sovereignty had prospered for numerous decades. The coterie had gained a lost numerous praetorians.. Yet there most memorable was their very last and caused the massacre of his 'honourable' children.

''That is not dead which can eternal lie and with strange aeons even death may die.''

''I do not. Want you. To like me...''

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