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 How to become Allies with Ignitum Corda~

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PostSubject: How to become Allies with Ignitum Corda~   Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:12 am

What we expect of you and what we will do as an allie:

-We expect you to be friendly toward every member of the alliance.

-Free rein on the lands. Each pack member may visit the opposite territory without an argument breaking out.

-Permission for members to train with the opposite pack. Such as; sparring, training and learning.

-Help in essential battles or wars.

What we will not do as allies:

-We don't tolerate CONSTANT requests for aid in battle.

-We don't tolerate packs which suck up to others while using Ignitum Corda as an excuse. For example: "But we're allies with Ignitum Corda..." This is not accepted.

Meeting our criteria:

-We don't become allies with packs which have neon colours.

-We HATE godmodding, so any pack that does that shall not be allies with us.

-No packs with human roleplays or interactions.

-No packs that go around the maps and kill innocents for no reason whatsoever.

-Only packs which write three sentences or more in a roleplay.

-If your pack involves loads of drama, then we shall only remain neutral, not alliances. We do not wish to get ourselves wound up in dramatic roleplays.
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How to become Allies with Ignitum Corda~
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