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  Aztec~ Dark Depression

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PostSubject: Aztec~ Dark Depression   Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:04 am

Name: Αζτέκων Σκούρο κατάθλιψη ~
Gender: Male.
Age: 4 1/2 years.
OffSpring-Pups: Amour. Enzi {Deceased.}
Species: Ghost Tip cross Alaskan arrow and anchient δάγκωμα φιδιού.

Αζτέκων- Aztec is a Obsidian Pigmented Brute,Slim, narrow dome, with crooked incissors embedded within his lips, oculars a mask, covering emotions with a plain mutual feeling. With a bad temper and anchient genes lingering in his tissue, Thick Fur with Charcoal Markings, Stripes and slashes, unique traits of his species. Soulless Neon Slits with a Absent minded Iris. Blank but Dead facial expressions and a Mutual Gaze. Sleek with a thin frame, proceding Exceleration rate to a higher status. Frames Disadvantages; Flimsy bones and tissue expelled to infections and viruses. Ivory Canines and Mollars, a silver right Canine from his lower jaw. A deep scar over the linning of his lips and down his jaw line. Rigid Auds and twisting Silk gathered at the back of his neck.

Accesories; Splintering Raven Feathers hanging from a silver thread around his neck and over his shoulder blades.

Story: A brutal past, Defeated in battle and his fathers pack taken down, Pearly postures standing over its downfall, sniggering and snarling. Taken away with no pride, traverling over the world with a low profile and his cranium down, submissive to all that glance and glare. Now amongst dear friends and true family, Hiding in the shadows of his deceased relatives and living brother, taken back from the dead to rest as a Crushed Copper in Broken Metal, Standing with his dutys, against and beside his fellow members, Standing tall before his foes and lingering with trust and loyalty with his friends. Loyal and Trusted Alpha disbanding the brutal, family, into different sections, aghast and angry, the groups remained obscure.

Quote; Is Heaven, heaven? Or is it as Evil as its rival Hell.

Due to past sittuations, this Brute is easily spooked, angered and upset. With a fatal bite inside his maw, dark arts and twisted thoughts lay asleep, to be awaken deep inside his skull. Prooven to be a Master of Stealth and sly wit, he can be cocky and rather stubborn, known for it in some serious situations. Even though Aztec is shown to be a serious, Formal and Agressive guy, he has a loving and artistic side, caring for those who are patient and show care and ovotion.
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Aztec~ Dark Depression
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