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 >:Where fiend's lurk:<

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PostSubject: >:Where fiend's lurk:<   Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:16 am

The picture above is how she looks outside the game, in my head and the art I do of her, a very bad manip, but it will be updated. It show's the length of her tail, and how she looks when the sun and moon shine on her, but technically she has a black pelt which glint's violet. cB

||N A M E||
Kentura Lorelei Cross

||A G E||
2.3 Years of age.

||R A N K||
Tacctia Occisor

||R A N K|D E S I R E D||
Letalis Rosa

||F A M I L I A||
Sire: Creven Cross
Dam: Serein Lorelea
Sibling: ~
Mate: ~
Of the Ahgra Cahdemyc Specie/Bloodline.
Mentoring: Shava A.P.S Lupinent

||P E R S O N A L I T Y||
Cold, cannibalistic, rabid, evil, arrogant, fiendish, malignant.

||I N J U R I E S/S C A R S||
Scars over her blind eye, side of her snout, a V on her back and claw marks on her flank.

||P A C K | L I F E||
Kentura does not have much of a pack life. The dark dame's birth pack was a failure of sorts and so it has caused the dame to draw away from large congregation's. Kentura is not a social canine, nor is she a peaceful one, the only exception being Shava, Kaala's blood daughter.  The fiendish muliebrous is often hostile to those around her, causing them to keep their distance, though one would often see her going on errands of the Lupus Dux to keep herself busy and not willing to cause trouble.

||F I G H T I N G|L I F E||
It is a bloodied life of a trained assassin, the damsel is the murderer of 18 wolves and has collected 54 teeth from each wolf, with it she as gained scars that show her 'bravery.' Kentura was trained to kill individual's who's names caught her ears, and she did so with swift efficiency. Only a few kills meant something to her, and those were mainly to do with revenge for the death of most of her family. Apart from that, mainly hunger is the cause as well as the occasional order to kill.

||H E A L T H||
Mental Health: 56% And decreasing.
Physical Health: 96% Blind in one eye.
Her mental health dwindles with each kill she makes and the more blood drawn, the hungrier she gets.

||C L O S E|T O||
Kaala, Shava

||N E U T R A L||
The rest of the pack.

||D I S L I K E||

||T H E M E||
Closer - Kings of Leon
What if the storm ends - Snow Patrol
Bright lights - 30 Seconds to Mars
Up in the air - 30 Seconds to Mars
Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine
Get Well - Icon For Hire
Radioactive - Imagine dragons.

||S A Y I N G||
'An eye for an eye, a lie for a lie, in the darkness, your mind is blind.' -Shared with her sibling.
'You see, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve.' -Joker.

||S M A L L|H I S T O R Y||
A whimpering squeal could be heard from the maw of the diminutive effeminate who had been born by means of being torn from the womb of her maternal. The damsel listened in disdain as the dying screams of her mother was heard and was then forced to devour the canine.
Kentura grew up to be a favored canine within the pack she dwelled and grew up to be a ruthless assassin, her mental health dwindled as she looked upon the death of her father and her revenge was taken at the moment of an earthquake when the pack was destroyed in it, she then proceeded to fluorite and continued her killing spree, causing chaos where she went, attaining scars and such to prove her worth as well as collect the teeth of those she slayed. Kentura became blind in her left eye because of a conflict with her sister who she hardly mentions.
Upon joining IC, the damsel as returned to her rank and enjoys the pack, but there is no telling how old she truly is. The former Delta, Rodent’s spirit lives within her and tries always to protect the pack..

//Rank: Assassin VI//
/Spars won - 0. Spars lost - 0//
//Times helped - 1//
//Times healed - 0//

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>:Where fiend's lurk:<
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