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 Contact Kaala.

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Kaala IC

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PostSubject: Contact Kaala.   Wed May 29, 2013 3:03 am

Ways to contact me:

FeralHeart Username: Necrophobic.{X}
On the website: PM me. {X}
Skype: thenecrophobic {X}
DA: TheNecrophobic

These are for if you need to quickly get in touch with me for any reason. If you do happen to need to contact me, please inform me of your feralheart username first.
You can also get in touch with me extremely quickly through Kaskara and Rostislav.
The accounts above are purely made for FeralHeart Out Of Character contact, therefore no personal information will be shared.
Any spam, pranks or threats will be dealt with as necessary.
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Contact Kaala.
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