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PostSubject: Equilibrium~   Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:23 pm


Equilibrium is a demonic canidae, accommodating two odd aspects
abnormal to the average canine; Pupiless luminaries and a retractable
tentacle as an index appendage. Her fibers are pygmented in a deep gray,
light bands vertically positioned on her upper flanks atop. Her luminaries
harbour a slightly detering pigmentation, a deep crimson-ish--purple.


Equilibrium is renouned for her apathetic nature, being stubborn, resistant,
independent, resourceful, intelligent and cunning. She doesn't take kindly to
ignorence, but finds it in herself to show alittle restraint. Her temperment once
varried little; Being at a constant apathy for all. If irritated, whom ever
caused such would often be in regret. Now-a-days she has mellowed into pack
life, placing the lives of pack brothers'and sisters' before her own.


-- Lyzarique {Sister}
-- Kaala {Bestie <3}
-- Aztec {Cat furson o3o}
-- Azyra {Bestie}
-- Rio { ._. }
-- Aker {Friend. c:}
-- Sweeney {Friend. >>}

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