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 Who am I?

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PostSubject: Who am I?    Mon May 27, 2013 9:47 pm

Who am I?
That seems to be a common asked question in my PM box. "Who are you?" "Why are you on the website?" "Who are you in the pack?" "What's your fh username?"
Well; sorry, but that is classified, I'm afraid.
There are a few things I can tell you though. However, it won't be what you expected.

A few of you know me as 'Callum'. I'm sure Kaala has spoke of me a few times (Since she loves me and all..). Myself, Kaala and Ashav are quite close. As you probably know, Kaala and Ashav are siblings out of feralheart. I, however, am just a friend of theirs. Ashav's 'adopted brother'. Kaala's 'best friend'.

The things you see on the website are most likely a joke. Probably. Maybe. I'm not entirely sure about the ones on Kaala's biography though...xP However, there is no need to worry about your alpha. She's got a while left yet before she 'dims'.

Although I am not in the pack, I help out with things. Such as; advising Kaala, scouting the maps, fighting for IC, standing at the sidelines, helping with the website. Not many know me on feralheart. In fact, I think only seven people know my username. Five of these seven do the same as me; helping behind the scenes. One of the seven runs the pack, and another is well respected as a beta.

Which brings me to my next point. Ignitum Corda. There's many things which are hidden from your precious eyes which lay within your own pack. I assume most of you don't know of the assassin wishing to latch his jaws around your dear alphess's throat? Or the traitor which lays within your own ranks? Perhaps you have never heard of what trouble is stirring within Ignitum Corda which will soon cause it to fall... Of course you haven't. It's protected from you. "Hidden for their own good." Kaala wished for no drama to be caused; I think you deserve to know as you wear the IC tag proudly.

I suggest keeping alert. There's only so much a person can do. As my username here states, I'll be watching.~
Good luck.
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Who am I?
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