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 Knife Corra

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Knife ICr


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PostSubject: Knife Corra   Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:42 am

She is the mother to no pup.
She holds loyalty to Ignitum Corda for the rest of her days.
She holds the honorable rank of Militaris Bellator, a warrior.
She is not bound by love to anyone for the rest of her life, and thinks love is just a lie.


This is the female you'll see jumping at any chance to get into a fight, even if she's already broken down. She's the one who'll get herself killed, fighting for what she believes in. She'll never be the first one dropping in a fight. She'll never let anyone drop her spirits. With a heart full of fire, eyes that burn bright green, and a temper, this female has never been tamed. She's never known kindness, never known love. She only knows hate, and she'll spread the bloody word to every corner she touches.

Who can tame this spirited female? I doubt anyone ever can, and anyone would even try.
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Knife Corra
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