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 >~<Armouranth Victus Houdini>~<

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PostSubject: >~<Armouranth Victus Houdini>~<   Sat May 04, 2013 9:07 am

Basic Information:
Armouranth Victus Houdini Lupinent
Four years old
Devoted to no soul
The son of Kaala Lupinent and Aztec Dark Depression
Step-son of Assassin
Nephew of Ashav, Passeh and Austere
Father to none
Blood brother of Enzi

Armouranth is a deep ashen pigmented brute with black stripes all the way down from his spinal, and a deeply obsidian dusted maw. Icy, oceanic blues are his opticals, and elongated ivories are stationed inside his lined cavern. Large mohawk and line of black mane runs down his spinal regions.

This brute's injuries consist of torn out vocal cords, somewhat intact, fixating his speaking voice to sound like the devil. Scars are all over his large frame, and his pelt is missing some large tufts of fur in some places. Crooked maw is another to add to the collection, from his friend.

-Large scars on throat, deep indents concaving in to affect his notes.
-Shredded ears
-Large scars over luminaries
-Tail bent odd ways

Pack Life:
At a young age, Armouranth was taken hostage into a devil pack. They tortured him, attempting to get information about his family and friends so they could kill them. Armouranth never spoke, for fear of his loved ones. Attempting to drown him, never succeeded, and slicing him up only made him less likely to answer their questions. They resulted in starving him, for weeks on end. The pup looked like a mangled mass of decapitated limbs and fur. Members of the pack snapped at him when he stumbled by, throwing things at him such as rocks and bones. The brute found a hobby, carving bones for the pack. Writing about the plains, and everything he wished to do if he ever lived. It was not until the pack waded into a war, that Armouranth escaped. At the age of two years, he rushed back to his mother and father tracking them down. Now, he resides in Ignitum Corda, isolated and in completely solitude. One does not simply bother this brute with a risk of their life being taken away.

Preset coming soon (Made by myself)
Two studded bracelets rest on Armour's appendages
Spiked silver earrings bound in lobes
Shackled/studded necklace 'round neck

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>~<Armouranth Victus Houdini>~<
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