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 Lukan : Vanity manifested

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PostSubject: Lukan : Vanity manifested   Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:41 pm

BirthName: AC-3
Name: Lukan
Age: Young Adult
Birth Season: First day of Summer
Favorite color: Those found in his fur patterns
Favorite food: salmon, blueberries, and roe deer though not all at the same time
Favorite place: Anywhere there is water so he can look at his own reflection, and in the center of the territory so he can be the center of attenion.
Favorite Packmember: Lukan

Are we following the pattern here?

Crushes: Yes. He has 4 actually. 2 male and 2 females. All of them within the pack.

Lukan is one of the more hated members of the pack. While he will give respect to those higher than him as law suggests he is only interested in surrounding himself with those that will give him a benefit or edge in the furture. He will friend wolves related to those in high ranks if they are close to his level and pretty much being that 'teachers pet' or 'brown noser' as it is jested to get what he wants. Power. Lukan might be a greedy, multi-faced, conceited, self seeking, arrogant, guy but he is loyal to those of his interest. Because he absolutely loves Ignitum Corda he would pretty much do anything for them. Reading this you probably think he would be the worst person to be beside if the land were attacked because of his self preservation nature but there are things even this cold hearted male isn't capable of.

Lukan cannot undermine authority, commit murder in cold blood, sabotage (despite my username), start exaggerated drama, say no to those who outrank him, be found sleeping on the job, and the probably best thing about him is that he cannot hold a grudge. Everyone has to have their attributes yes? But this is his current personality there is always room for improvement, character development and self growth through experiences. :3 Well we'll see.

His Past~

Lukan was brought up during a time of war where he was raised to kill and not think twice about it. However whenever there came testing days where you had to kill your sparring partner Lukan would always spar them. Because the thing was they were all related. The alpha male did not believe if females ruling. For this reason Lukan was always taught that females were less than males. His father Ardent had nine females whom he impregnated each twice a year and if they died they were replaced by rogues whom he would woo and then capture in this hell on earth of a pack. No pup was given a name just a letters and numbers.

The first letter was which female you were from A (being the strongest or most intelligent) to I (being the least). The second letter was which number litter the mother had you and the number was the order you were born. So Lukan was from the first female of her third litter and the third born AC-3. All the pups were constantly treated like their mothers as objects or tools for this king. How he kept power Lukan could never tell you because he was too young to know much about it. However because of the in pack slaughter due to high standards their numbers fell and eventually the pack scattered.

Indeed this is not a story where only lukan survived. Many of his brothers and sisters did as well. Some probably died off, or were captured. Some might of even found new packs. Many were too young to leave and were killed from the enemy. All the mothers died however from their bodies being used up and weakened.

Lukan was a little younger than a "preteen" at this time and could fend for himself against small scale enemies. He met a rogue however who knew much about herbalism. He found that Lukan had absolutely no self esteem being a tool and raised him to think otherwise. However Lukan took it the wrong way and now not wanting to be used or stepped on believes he has to do this to other people. Because of his upbbringing though he still respects authority like it is reflex but at the same time he now believe he has to love himself to such a degree, and perhaps it is to make up for no one els doing so. Except the one who raised him for awhile. However the wolf was an elder and shortly died a only four months after raising Lukan.

(Story may be slightly revised an edited after the writer wakes up from not sleeping for 3 days. Very Happy ...and proceeds to reread this.)
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Lukan : Vanity manifested
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