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 Tasks for Neutral Tiers

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Kaala IC

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PostSubject: Tasks for Neutral Tiers   Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:56 am

The following tasks will be carried out by the member who is ready for their sub-high rank.
Once given permission, the member will be tested on his/her rank.
If he/she passes, they shall be a sub-high tier and the lead of their rank.

Acer Vigilem ~ Scout
Search and find four wolves. Each wolf will be in separate maps.
One in 'Fluorite', one in 'South Pole', one in 'Cape of Distant Worlds' and one in 'Temple of Dreams'.
You cannot use F3 or mini map. If friends with this person, you shall temporally unfriend them.

Decorus Venator ~ Hunters
Hunt a feast for the whole pack on their own with a lead hunter/high rank travels with them to watch and ensure saftey.

Letalis Rosa ~ Assassins
'Surprise attack' three members of the pack and spar with them in a row, then recieve a mauling.

Potis Strategus ~ Warriors
Protect yourself against three other wolves whilst in a spar and then recieve a mauling.

Honorus Tutela ~ Guard
Guard another wolf whilst an assassin and warrior aim to deliever a nip to them.

Amans Medicus/Narus Flaminis ~ Medic/Shaman
Collect a large amount of varied herbs with no help or aid.
A lead medic or shaman/high rank travels with them to watch and ensure saftey.

Amandi Custos ~ Den Carer
Care for a 'litter' of pups on their own with no help. The pup's have to stay with the carer at all times.

Place any questions below.~
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Tasks for Neutral Tiers
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