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 How to Rank Up {Promotion}

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Kaala IC

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PostSubject: How to Rank Up {Promotion}   Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:52 am

To rank up from a neutral rank to a sub-high tier rank you should win spars/heal and do helpful things for the pack.
The more spars/healings and helpful things you do, the quicker you rank up. {Always ask for permission from a high rank before sparring.}

Keep track of your progress in your biography.
//Rank: Medic//
//Spars won - 2. Spars lost - 3//

Also by participating in conversations on the website as well as showing yourself on feralheart and the website, you will be noticed more and be given opportunities within the pack.

Place any questions below.~

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How to Rank Up {Promotion}
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