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 ~:Rajah Xineara:~

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PostSubject: ~:Rajah Xineara:~   Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:20 am

//Rank: Recruit//
/Spars won - 0 Spars lost - 0//
//Times helped - 1//
//Times healed - 0//

~:Rajah Xineara:~
~3 Summers:~
~:Loyal to no wolf:~
~:Mother to None:~
~:Sister to Kaskara,Lithium:~
~:Rank of Recrute:~
~:Daughter to Xavier and Xira:~

~:Personality:~ Cannibalistic, Silent, Solitary, Loyal, Aggressive|X|

~:Markings/Scars:~ Markings: Dark crimson tiger like stripes cover the frame of the ebony pelted dame. Scars: ''XX'' painted on the left side over her maw, Long 3 lined claw marks starting from point of the shoulder down to the base of her ribs.

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~:Rajah Xineara:~
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