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PostSubject: ~Xephidor~   Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:12 am

Name:Xephidor Avas Vehement.

Age: 2 1/2 Years.


Personality Traits: (Triggered:) Cannibalistic, Violent, Sadistic, killer.| Friendlyish, Agile, Quick thinker, caring, protective.


S.O: Bisexual

Pack:Ignitum Corda.

Rank: ////

Likes: Cuddling, Warmth, Rocks, Eating, Mauling, Getting 'rid' of things.

Dislikes: Cold weather, Snow, Rabbit, Being totally alone, Bright light, Cling-ons.

Scent:Dried blood, Leaves.

Past: After his father mauled his mother, letting Xeph watch he ran. He lived on his own through his pissy and horrible puphood but he had himself and open fields to run in, As a teen he found his father again; Alone and depressed..And knowing that, that idiot ruined Xephidor's puphood; Xephidor killed him. I know, Depressing isn't it? But no worries, It gets better. Xephidor grew older (2 years) and began noticing packs wandering about, Since he was alone all his life he wanted to see what it was like; At 2 and a half, he found Ignitum Corda/Hyde. And that's it for now. Cheerful little wolfy isn't he?

( If he likes you, he'll always be there and he'll basically be a bodygaurd. It's just his way of saying he likes you.)
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