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 ~.:Noah's tales:.~

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Assassin & Noah


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PostSubject: ~.:Noah's tales:.~   Fri Mar 22, 2013 2:55 am

Basic Information:

Noah Decorus Favisor
6 Months of age
Son of: 
Grandson of: 
Younger sibling of: Assassin
Best Friend and Softspot for Shiro
Odor of: Saltwater and fruit

Noah is a jet black wolf, grey markings running down his spine and ankles, reaching to cover his tail. He has dark claws, dark pads. He has a gray colored mane, that goes across his shoulder blades. The best thing about him?; Those teal eyes that stick out. Bright color that doesn't resemble any of his cousins. Out of his entire family, his pelt is the only one without crimson coloring. 

None yet, but some sure to come

None at the time

Life before
When Noah was born, he was born into a higher pack. Nice hunting grounds, no one looked down on the pack. He was classified in the wolf world as a prince. The only one in his family had ever not had maroon markings. They all had crimson opticals, unlike his icicle toned ones. This immediately got his brothers and sisters more attention and training. After realizing no one wanted him, he left, as a young pup. He found Ignitum Corda, and of course, fell in love with the pack. 

His older cousins, live nearby. The Blood Moon Pack houses Luke, the alpha, Hunter, the assassin and Renee the pup sitter. He's quite closer to Assassin though, the alpha of IC. His cousins all accept him for who he is, even if he looks so much different.


{Still trying to think of some for a pup.}
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~.:Noah's tales:.~
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