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 Salsa's Bio

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PostSubject: Salsa's Bio   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:39 am

Name: Salsa
Gender: Female
Pups: None
Rank wanted: Den Mother
Mate: none. (Fucking ask and i'll rip off your balls.) <3
Personality: Cunning. short tempered. Solum. Friendly.

Appearance: Orange pelt, white back, blue tongue and nose. Crimson contracted slit eyes. Top-hat. Cross necklace.

History:As a pup Salsa was always getting into trouble. She liked to stay far from others considering there we're not many coydogs in the area. She was born with a tannish orange pelt that seemed to rise to a brighter hue when she got older. Her parents died when she was two years old (human years). She had a total of two mates. Which ended up leaving her. After that she grew to be even more separated from groups. She always preferred to be alone and it sure didn't bother her. Now at the age of 3 (human years). Salsa has turned to this pack for help in a new life. Still her life is young and she has many years ahead but will this be the right choice?
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Salsa's Bio
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