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 Tharet .:More than one personality:.

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Tharet IdcC


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PostSubject: Tharet .:More than one personality:.   Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:07 pm

General Information
Name: Tharet Cazison
Parents: Cazi and Soarin
Siblings: Frei and Narci
Pups: None
Crush: Yes.
Mate: None
Scent: Chocolate and Ash
Age: Young adult
Friends: Xephidor, ---everyone else.---


Born the only eldest son to wolves Cazi and Soarin, Tharet knew from an early age life would be dull and depressing. And It was, always being mollycoddled and protected far too much.
He was bold and adventurous, always exploring somewhere new, and finding new adventures, untill one fateful night when he met him at first, he thought it was just a cruel joke. A joke that somehow had come to life in him, but overtime it became more than that.
They tried to beat it out of him, they tried to beat what they thought madness untill Tharet couldn't move, he bled from so many places, and only wished for one kind wolf, once nice wolf to come and make things better. But he had to struggle on, growing up to be timid and shy, terrified of the next time violence would be shown, to him or any other he happened to meet.

There is little to say about him. Other than he's a physcotic hint of a past long cast away and forgotten.
'I would rather die than allow him to be shown' -Tharet
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Tharet .:More than one personality:.
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